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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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fan here you told me you were heart broken. >> i am heart broken.x=qz it's a sad day, but we're hoping to come back next year in full force. >> thank you for a beautiful year, thank you for taking us to the super bowl. and fans appreciate it. thank you very much. love you guys. >> i'm sure they love you, too. >> so, fans here still waiting to see some of their players leave, again, but you know, there was a lot of disappointment but they're already, the fans are thinking you know one year in advance they're going to the super bowl again they say. and the 49ers this time, they say are going to win. i'm live from headquarters near santa clara, abc 7 news.
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>> everybody said the team is strong and will be for years still to come. >> ravens coach john harb the augh are feeling his brother's pain. today the elder harbaugh spoke about how difficult the enld of game handshake was for him. >> toughest moment was walking across the field. if you can imagine, you feel an amount of he'llation with an incredible amount of devastation z those two feelings went hand in hand that the moment. i'm still feeling it. >> john says he's proud of his brother and called him the best coach in the league. >> john and his super bowl champion ravens touched down in baltimore this afternoon. baltimore will hold a parade to honor the ravens tomorrow morning this, marks the second championship for the ravens and they won it after 2000 season. >> local power company in new
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orleans believes a qort abnormality appears to have taken place after lines delivered power to the super comb forcing a delay in the game. crews scrambled to restore pou yes, nfl commissioner spoke about that outage today. >> important thing is making sure people understand it's a fantastic week here. this will not affect the view of in the nfl about success of the game here. >> last night outage rekundeled memories of this blackout in december, 2011. lights went out twice when niners hosted the steelers for a monday night game. super bowl sunday nob for commercials and coming up after 4:45 we'll take a look at candidates that have people talking today and ones people didn't like. and moment that's generated biggest spikes on twitter. >> a 5-year-old boy held for days, the fbi says the boy is
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safe and the captor, dead. agents say on tuesday, he kill aid bus driver and took off with the boy olding him in a bunker, agents say days of negotiate negotiations start 20d breakdown down. the boy is reportedly unfarmed -- unharmed. >> take a look at this video of a collision between two cars on foot hill boulevardqcd and 36th avenue before noon today. the person standing on that street corner was not hurt. the driver of the jeep that veer add cross the lanes died at the scene. the jeep 45d been stolen just moments before the crash. abc 7 news is piecing this together and will have a live report tonight. >> that is horrifying to
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watch. >> police are tight lipped after what, if any progress they've made to nth progress of the killing of a 13-year-old sassoon girl. >> police tell us she'd been reported missing just the day before. >> in fairfield, counselors were brought in today to green valley middle school to help students deal with the loss of a class mate. the body of a 13-year-old girl from sassoon was found friday morning 13 hours after she was reported missing by her foster parents. police identified her and determined the cause of death but are not releasing that information at the time. investigators are asking for the public's help with tips or information that might lead to arrest whof may have killed the girl. a mem jill growing where the body was found she never made it home.
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>> investigators say speed and brake problems were likely involved in a tour bus crash that careened down a mountain road last night about 30 miles east of riverside in southern california. records show the company that operates the bus had failed a third of the vehicle inspecks in the past years. the group carrying a group from tijuana, mexico heading home from big bear lake. >> police are investigating the first homicide of the year after a man was gunned down on a busy street this morning around 11:00 a witness says she saw the victim fall down. employees in a tax preparation office tried to help the victim before paramedic adds arrived but he died at the hospital. >> police want to find people growing marijuana inside of a home on scotsville court.
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firefighters discovered between 300 and 400 pot plants. pg&e believes they stole about $47,000 worth of electricity in order to power the operation.6!9ñ and the cause of the fire is being investigated. >> another sunny day, but changes coming up to our weerj that is right. spencer1elíç christian is here h the accu-weather forecast. >> changes have begun already. notice more clouds beginning to move into skies as we look at live doppler 7 hd. more sunshine today. we'll see clouds and skies becoming cloudy here, right now, cool and 49 degrees now in san francisco. 55 across the bay in oakland. 56 in san jose. milder in inland locations. 65 in livermore now. here is a look at first forecast this evening, we'll continue to see clouds increasing and will be cool this evening, temperatures into low 40s to about 50. early in thev[wñ morning we'll e cloudy skies and patchy fog that will have developed overnight. low temperatures ranging from
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about 37 in the inland valleys up to about 45 here in san francisco. afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies to sunny skies, cool begins -- condition was highs ranging from low to mid-50s on coast to about 60 into mildest location this, week we have rain coming our way. i'll give you a look at the forecast coming up later. >> thank you, we'll see you then. >> still head at 4:00 plan as nouns today for what is going to happen to candle stick park once 49ers move south. the water today with all repairs needed to race in the america's cup. >> new at 4:30 pakistani teenager shot by the taliban releases her video statement since attack. the message to girls around the world. >> and taking a look right now at san francisco skyway. traffic is very heavy and wars trying to make their way east z for cars on the right, perhaps trying to get down to
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49ers headquarters. it's slow going. >> yes. on that subject back out tloif 49er headquarters. a large group of fans waited for hours to see niners. at san jose international airport. fan
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one thing is certain, the team's last season at candle
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stick park. the 69,000 seat stadium hosted championship games and world series games and the beatles last concert. the corporation is already making plans to demolish the stick and may happen shortly after the final home game, next year. >> a vacant stadium is not good for anyone. and repurposing the site is a good thing for stit. >> the city is looking for a way to sell stadium seats to fans. the 49ers will start playing at their new stadium by the 2014 season. >> no charges for giants loser sergio romo, the district attorney confirmed will.dg not prosecute romo for an incident in las vegas international airport. police removed him after a dispute on new year's day. the tsa and las vegas police say he lacked proper
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identification to clear security check point. >> facebook's new app could prove controversial. we're learning about google's new glasses. >> good afternoon. sources tell bloomberg face book is working on an app meant to help people find friends nearby and could be available by the middle of the month. the app may help the company in the quest to generate profit it's likely to fuel the /7ák advocates forw#'1÷ not doig enough to keep user data confidential. fox con is encouraging employees to vote in independent nunin elections after apple joined the fair labor association.szc an audit identified 50 violations in factories.
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ora cell making another acquisition but the company is buying different from start ups it's picked up in the past. agreeing to buy acme pack writ for $1.7?úia billion today, it helps businesses send video, voice message skporjz data. -- and other data. >> following on renewed concern over europe's debt crisis your silicon valley index is lower on shares of apple and ora cell z we'veqc÷ gt intriguing details about google glass, the web ginlt's virtual reality classes. the glasses won't have speakers but will conduct sound through the human skull, through a process known as bone condux. -- condux. it alows the user to hear ambient noise as well, google hopes to have the glasses on the market by next year. looking forward to that.
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dan, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> with the super bowl over, attention in san francisco shift together america's cup. this morning the team put their catta marchan back in the water. it's the first time it's been back in the bay since it flipped and broke apart. the crew didn't just make repairs but tweaked it to fine tune steering but the loss of sailing time as a big blow. >> this is down by 30 days and we only sailed about eight days only a third of the sailing time. >> this crew wilt begin testing this week. they're also building a back up boat. the race gets underway this summer. >> that thing means business. >> yes. impressive. >> let's talk about the weather forecast. gorgeous but as we said, things are changing. >> they are. we have clouds increasing in the sky right now.
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mainly sunny skies and high clouds around. looking sort of west southwest, so we zront a very cloudy sky but clouds increase during overnight hours. again, thin clouds and coastal lç. these forecast and cooler days ahead this week and showers likely on thursday, finally we get winter like weather. there are two frontal systems advancing in our direction. first going to bring us more and into the day tomorrow fal falling apart and won't bring us rainfall. second frontal?÷tmñ system brins us a greater chance of showers thursday. thursday morning by mid morning hours we'll see the front or indications that we'll see it beginning to
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sweep throughout the north bay 27w towards golden gate with showers by mid morning and into mid day hours, we'll see if that develops. chilly in spots and so north bay and east bay, lows dropping into upper 30s, low 40s around the bay. we'll have increasing cloud cover and patchy valley fog. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, mainly sunnyepq#÷ skies into the south bay. up to 58 in san jose. 57 in red woothd city. highs into low to mid-50s up to about 55 here in the city. 59 calistoga. east bay highs, al in oakland, union city and fremont. 57 san leandro. inland east bay, mainly into upper 50s.
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up to about 60 in salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. it will be a week of different weather from what we had last week. we'll see cooling trend continuing all the way throughout the end of the week, highs reaching into low to mid-50s by friday. a good chance of showers should say lingering showers early friday. it's a chilly day. highs into low to mid 50s and temperatures bounce back up a little bit by next monday. >> okay. thank you. >> okay. >> still ahead a historic discovery. scientists say this skull found in an unusual place belongs to one of the famous kings. we'll have the story new at 4:30. >> talk about a silver lining to this movie... >> you just saw them on katie now, bradley cooper talking about why his oscar is one amazing outcome of his movie.
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49ers he'd quarters. niners just arrived back home. abc 7 news is talking to fans and will have a live
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>> this sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.:h oscar hopefuls got together in beverly hills and many
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prominent star as tended including jessica chastain and ben afleck. also there, bradley cooper. he says it's only one gratifying experience he's had so far. >> we're in washington, d.c. showing this to troops and it was incredible. response it's sad had. so that is like, talking about a silver lining to this movie. >> you can check out our app there is a list there. when you log in, you can share your picks with friends. the app is available for apple and kindel and of course, we're your station academy awards airs sunday, february 24th here on abc 7. >> it's stining to -- continuing to talk about entertainment now. beyonce makes another big announcement and robert de niro's big hollywood honor.i
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>> this is a busy day in hollywood. as we speak, this year's nom ni neez are chatting it up at the lunchen, today, robert de niro left his friends. >> joe pesci always said i'd end up with my feet in keementent. ben afleck proved to be award season king taking home every directing award possible for argo including this weekend's director's guild of america award. he won't be winning at oscars, he's not nominated and according to afleck that is okay. >> you're not entitled to win anything. in i've. i'm thrilled and honored academy nominated me as a producer for the movie.
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>> so will his producing win him as oscar? of course watch the oscars february 24th here on abc. turns out beyonce's super bowl half time show was just a tease sherk announced a1:ñtk big tour. the mrs. carter show world tour starts in serbia and heads to north america in june. >> still ahead an update on breaking news out of alabama. a 5-year-old boy rescue afd a nearly week long hostage stand off with his kidnapper in a bunker. >> the pakistani girl shot in the head makes her first video statement since she was nearly killed. >> looking to buy chocolate this valentine's day? which sweets are the most tasty? tasty? which are the most well, well, well.
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we're following that wreaking news out of alabama. fbi stormed a bunker to safe a boy being held hostage, he was being kept underground in a property in midland city nearly a week.
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the fbi announced the boy is safe sh his captor, dead them say dykes shot a bus driver and took the 5-year-old hostage. negotiations lasted for days but the fbi says talks started breaking down for more than three hours ago, they saw dykes with a gun, they sprung into action. >> the fbi cheering the filed child was in danger. died. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> an iraqi war vet accused of gunning down a navy s.e.a.l. on suicide watch today. the 25-year-old faces two counts of capitol murder for saturday's shootings in a shooting range near dallas. he won several medals of braifrry, the deadliest sniper in u.s. history. his book, american sniper chronicled his exploits and
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struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. he worked to help fellow vets. in vallejo, police looking for a gunman who shot a man on a sidewalk this morning. someone passing by discovered the victim and called 911. the victim died at the scene. police have not yet released his identity. >> the president hit the road to try to win support for gun control measures acknowledging it's never easy to change the status quo. he says something needs to be done to are. >> with popularity rating at highest in four years, president obama trying to rally public support for the gun control measure autos is there just one life we can safe, we've got an obligation to try. >> the president traveled to minneapolis because the city push to strictor background
4:29 pm
check autos you've shown progress is possible. and elected leaders. >> still common sense loss. >> after the newtown, connecticut shooting the president made gun control a top priority and wablts legislation limiting the number of rounds in a magazine clip. renew a ban on those so called assault weapons and require universe balance yal background checks. white house expected opposition from republican buzz have to win over democrats who have offered only lukewarm support. >> universal background checks we need to increase that. you can do things like restrictions on highqácapacity magazine autos i think that is something we have to take a look at. >> over the weekend, white house released a photo of the president firing at clay pigeons last summer. his spokesman says they decided to respond about the president's personal experience shooting firearms.
4:30 pm
the assault weapons ban will be the president's toughest challenge. white house said he still is committed to it but acknowledges other measures could face a smoother path to legislation. >> john kerry reported for duty as secretary of state today, his first day on the job, he says protecting american diplomats will be a top priority. senator raised his predecessors. >> can a man run this state department? i don't know. >> as saying goes very big heels to fill. >> kerry sworn in on friday. over the weekend he assured world leaders the u.s. is committed to peace in the middle east. >> fidel castro is expressing confidence over the future of the regime in cuba.
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the 86-year-old says he is revolutionary people saying the five decade long blockade has not and will not defeat his country. castro had not been seen since october and he seated the presidency to his younger brother, raul for health reason autos the pakistani girl shot bit taliban made her first statement. >> today, you can see that i'm alive. and i can see. i can see you. i can see everyone. and... today, i can see and i'm getting better day by bayday. >> the 15-year-old credited her recovery to prayer frdz$ñ people around the world. the video statement came after doctors operated to reconstruct her skull and restore her hearing. the teak drew the world's attention after she was targ bited bit taliban. the military group claimed she promoted girls education and d thinking. she vowed to keep up the
4:32 pm
campaign that led to the attack saying every girl and child should be educated. and just ahead on world news, abc news reporter brings you an interview with her father to discuss the story. you can watch it on world news with diane sawyer right after abc 7 news at 5:00. >> families hoping to end a boy scout ban of gay scouts and leaders have%,,vz 1.4 millin signatures supporting them and delivered with those sig turtz boy scouts of america's head quarters in texas today. officials are meeting to discuss this ban. last week they discussed a qq is a lot of excitement in the bay area though 49ers came up short in super bowl 47 last night. take a look at this scene. sky 7 was overhead. 49ers landed to cheering stan
4:33 pm
fans. niners came up five yards short after one of the greatest come backs. we saw collin kaepernick give fans the number one sign. abc 7 news is live where a bigger group of fans have gathered. leanne? >> i know. it's about, i think, i calculated about 150, maybe 200 people are here, fans and so forth. you know, one thing have youwçp so-to-say is that they have a great sense of humor. this is sfit the fact we lost. have you a picture here, what is this... what does this say? >> this is my game face. i just want to let them know this is the face very when i'm watching at home or watching at the game. you better do good, i'm watching!
4:34 pm
>> and you've been watching snem. >> right. i'm looking at them. for next year. >> they have nice cars, too. >> oh, yeah. >> another thing have you to say about the fan sthaz in good, or bad times, they stand behind their team and have been waiting here for the team to just come and cheer them on and wave to them.q)"íñ i'm going to show you video now of the moment buses drove in with the team. at the time, only one of those players waved and fans are feeling the pain, too. >> i've been carrying a heavy heart. seeing them coming in, our boys coming home, welcoming,
4:35 pm
it takes just staving off a loss a little bit. >> i mean, we lost but it's so close. >> we've heard fans say it was an epic year. yes, they lost but now therk have to focus on next season. i'm live at 49ers you are headquarters here in santa clairea, abc 7 news. >> let's hope players come out. >> yes. coming up a discovery in england, remains of a notorious king underneath a parking lot. >> we can see fog covering sutro tower. and i'll have the accu-weather forecast qum. -- coming up. >> taking you outside on this monday. one day after the super bowl back to work and reality. and as you look at the bridge you can see it's moving along
4:36 pm
pretty smoothly. stay with us.
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it appears remains of england's king richard the third have been found. researchers say a battle scarred skeleton unearthed last year is that of the king. richard the third died atslby battle of bossworth field in 1485. scientists say dna matches a
4:39 pm
sample taken from a distant living relative. that led to the conclusion. >> the skeleton as unusual features, slender build, scoliosis and battle related trauma. these are consistent with information we have about richard the third in life and about circumstances of the death. >> he was the last king to die in battle. historians have not been kind to richard accusing him of crimes including the murder two of nephews in the tower of london. a play by shakes spear was critical. others say the!5ñ portrayal was unfair. either way, it's a fascinating story. >> looking backwards to towards. >> we have changes coming our way in weather. you can see right now, what has been a mainly sunny day. coast. they'll be pushing indland.
4:40 pm
highs reaching 20 in fargo and shame, great lakes chilly in the northeast. a high in dallas tomorrow, and phoenix as we take a look at the california conditions tomorrow, welle]
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>> coming up next, we're going to take a look at the most-tweeted moments of the super bowl. >> and ad bowl. commercials scoring high with viewers and which ones lost. >> i'm michael finney. the best chocolate for valentine's day. delicious sweets can be expensive but there are ways to safe cash.
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50 new ads ran during super bowl game nearly $4 million a pop just 30 seconds. >> that is pretty amazing. >> this may have cost million millions... >> maybe i ought to do a cameo. >> but biggest winners of commercialism... >> boom. >> were a pair of low budget ads made and chosen by doritos fans including this chip-chewing goat ask these manly men playing dress up in order to chow down. >> is that my wedding dress? >> it could be. >> taco bell ran for the
4:45 pm
border with hard-partying retirees. and budweiser poured on tear was a heart warming reunion between a horse and its trainer. and calvin klein made a brief but popular appearance showing off abs, other attempts at overselling sex appeared to fall short. the uncomfortable go daddy lip lock seemed wrong. may have been the 34 minute power outage that generated best scores of the game, oreos tweeting you can still dunk in the dark. and tide suggesting it can't get blackout but can get stains out. >> it was some good ads. i liked the budweiser ad and
4:46 pm
the ram farmer ad. >> that was cute, and that taco bell one, i love that had one with the senior citizen autos fun. >> social media and technology playing a bigger role every year in how americans react to the super bowl. >> this is more interactive. >> tivo revealed this ad was the most paused and rewound. >> the data gives a snap shot of how ideas register with viewers. >> our dvr capabilities measure second by second viewing. wepv'ñ can tell pause, fast forward, rewind. that is what we measure to rate commercials. by which people pause commercials or rewind to watch it again. >> and one ones we rewound was the joe montana stain one. the tide commercial.
4:47 pm
she watched the -- washed the jersey and said go, ravens. >> that was clever. >> fans sent out tweets during the game it generated 24 million tweet autos they measure everything these days and third quarter power outage generated 31,000 tweets per minute. >> twitter measured half time separately. >> the conclusion beyonce's performance followed by the ÷ that is a lot of tweeting. >> yes. an awful lot of statistics to keep track oof consumer reports partnered with 7 on your side fr a report on the best gift box chocolates. >> it's valentine's day coming up.
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>> you want to get your sweetheart an unusual gift, consumer reports says it might just be a box of chocolate. ah, chocolate. have you ever triedbd$ che truffles covered in rose patels? -- petals? those are the exotic bonbons you can buy here at the truffle collections was one of more than 30 gift box chocolates consumer reports taste tested with fillings like wasabi and paprika, this box rated excellent. woodhouse assortment cost $90 plus shipping. >> this has great piece was amazing flavors like kin minute toast, and butter pecan pie. flavors#kvñ just seem to exploe in your mouth.
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>> chocolates can be expensive, buying at the chocolate shop can save you shipping costs and signing up for a news letter can help you find savings, too.9n >> we found very good chocolates that you can try that are less expensive. >> those include ferrero fine assorted confections just 11s skpdz sold even at drug store autos these were flavor wfl crispy coatings and crunchy nuts that added interesting texture autos you've got to find the chocolate you like to eat. >> what you like is all. >> it has a short shelf life so yourville len tin might help in finishing that box. >> happy to help out. >> great of california going after one of the biggest oil company autos how the difference of just an inch led to a lawsuit and according to state officials one of the
4:50 pm
worst violations on record. >> in abc 7 newsroom, what costs more? buying a new car or filling up with gas year after year. you may be surprised at the answer. the state relaxes it's 8th great algebra requirements why this
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california's attorney general going after another big oil company. this time, it's bp and arco gas stations accused of violating rules on monitoring underground tanks. it's where one of the worst violations is recorded. arco. told about a -- sold about a year and a half ago. they are concerned those tanks, gasoline storage tanks leaking
4:54 pm
gasoline from storage tank saz great threat to pollute ground water. every station is aggrieved leak detection sensors. this shows a underground pump area this, is the sensor supposed to be positioned at the bottom of the tank to detect leaks. state regulators is positioned an inch or so above the ground. in the lawsuit is a major violation. >> you're supposed to be at a point close to the ground practically touching the ground so if there is a leak it will be immediately detected. >> he says bp was instructing
4:55 pm
that they can place nem above the ground and believes the company violated the law because there is an economic incentive. if the senser goes off, the gas pump shut off it and takes time to reset them. all of the violations have been corrected and bp says quote a small number of the alleged vitations rel yait to monitoring of tanks and none posed any harm to human health or the environment. the da confirms there has been no leak of gas or oil and prosecutors claim the reason for the lawsuit is that negotiation was the oil company have been going on a skbreer they need to this in order to get the company to comply. bp says therexh> ñ may be anothr
4:56 pm
motive saying state attorney general has been going afterln6 oil companies for money. she just settled a lawsuit against chevron for $24 million. >> thank you. thanks for joining us forclqvubc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news continue autos 49ers fans turn out in big numbers. >> live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel. it's chris skpp cool out here. hazy sunshine. soon, it will be turning wet. i'll show when you showers return coming up. >> and it's shocking. a stolen car crash, look at this, it nearly killed an innocent pedestrian on the streets of oakland.
4:57 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> a car theft leads to a fatal crash that is caughth$jñ video. >> police say a woman stole that car which had keys in it. she didn't get far, traveling two blocks from cashing it 36th avenue and foot hill boulevard. of this is all captured on video. >> good afternoon, we're at the intersection of foot hill boulevard and 36th avenue. it cleared just a short time ago. the reason we're here is because we have video that shows in realtime how quickly a crash that killed one person almost took lives of two others. take a look at the top right portion frt of the screen.r"$iç this is the moment a jeep slipped onto the roof. >> i heard when the accident took place, i can see right
4:58 pm
now. >> you can see the pedestrian standing has no idea what is coming next. and escapes getting crushed. the driver wasn't as fortunate. >> i was in shock and i thought he was dead. >> she was relieved to find out the driver wasn't seriously injuredded. >> she's not in trauma they putner a room. she says her arm hurts that. is it. >> she may be in pain. her sister was driving north, preparing to make a right turn and she was hit. the impact so strong, it left the honda in a heap of fiber glass and steel. >> that is nick smith reporting on that terrible tragedy. in the meantime, the san francisco 49ers just arrived
4:59 pm
back home this afternoon from new orleans dispatted they didn't bring home a win this, is video when they arrived about two, 3:20 this afternoon. fans showed up and moyer fans are waiting for them when they left over to niners headquarters all to let them now how proud they are of the 49ers. we have live team coverage. david, let's begin with you and the team's return. >> you can see there are still fans here outside 49er headquarters here, lots of fans. they started forming here about 12:00 noon today. then started to grow as the caravan of buses have arrived here, fans broke out into cheers. the caravan arrived at 49er://ñ


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